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Live a Happy Life Series will inspire you to see life as God intended it to be. These books will also challenge you to look at the good side of life even amidst hardships, trials, and even painful circumstances. These will give you hope in a hopeless situation and point you to the source of real and genuine joy and happiness. Purchase your copies today and start living a happy life. Available in printed and eBooks format.

Rise Up! Pearls of the Orient Series. In spite of the many uncomfortable, painful and humiliating experiences that marred our memories as a people, we still choose to believe that the Filipino is none-the-less precious in the eyes of our merciful God. We are still seeing it time and again how valuable our role is in helping shape this generation toward becoming more responsible and humane member of the global community. Be it in the offices of the UN, World Bank and IMF; the palaces of the royals in the Middle East; the hospital wards and nursing homes of Europe and the USA; the educational institutions of the world; the average households in Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan among others; or the community development endeavors in various countries in Asia, Africa and other developing regions; exploits in sports, entertainment, and the academe: there is more to the Filipino than what meets the eye. This series of books cumulatively echoes this challenge, this call, for more Pearls of the Orient to Rise Up! Buy your copies now. Available in eBooks format.

Laugh, Learn and Live a Happy Life 

It's been said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. This simple book can give you 21 amusing short-stories to laugh, learn and live a happy life. Why not make it a habit? Remember that life is short, so enjoy it! 


Life is Tough You Need a Laugh 

Try not to take everything seriously, especially bad circumstances that are beyond your control. Life is tough. Learn to laugh. Live happily...and you will recover easily. Another 21 amusing stories that will make you smile and laugh.


How to be Always Happy in Following JESUS 

Do you want to be happy? Always? This is a serious book that would make you happy in learning a serious topic, and would make you think seriously-happily about it. Discover 7 practical steps to living a happy Christian life!


Why Worry Be Happy

Don't Worry Be Healthy 

A compilation of "things that most people worry the most." With Biblically relevant, practical and proven principles coupled with a touch of humor, this book will encourage and inspire its readers that even amidst all the uncertainties in the world there is still hope for those whose perspective is aligned in God's Word and has learned to trust His incomparable power to help those who believe Him. Order your copy now and overcome your worries.


The Power of the Strange Oath 

When Rosanna’s best friend, Flora, becomes so enamored with her boyfriend to the obvious danger of being included in his alleged statistical collection of devastated girls, she feels the genuine urge to intervene. In order to do this, however, Rosanna has to face a formidable enemy that has been haunting her for years, keeping her from breaking the solemn vow she swore at the bedside of her dying sister. Little did she realize that so much would be at stake and that her mere intention could plunge them all in direct confrontation with the power of the strange oath. 


Enjoying Sexuality to the MAX!

A moving story advocating the cause of godly sexuality and how God can wonderfully lead married couples to fully benefit from His awesome gift intended for their exclusive mutual enjoyment in marriage.


The Power of a Sacred Vote 

In a democratic society and generation we are in, a tremendous power-potential has been granted us by Providence that many if not most are yet to fully realize and maximize. That’s the power of our sacred vote. Read and know how Juan dela Cruz learns to choose leaders after God’s own heart.


Rise Up! Pearls of the Orient

A mindset-level call to recover nothing less than God’s intended best for the Filipino people. This passionate challenge may sound so humbling to start with, yet isn’t God’s grace made available to such hearts?


Inspiring Tweets from a Happy Bird 
(101 Tweets that will brighten 
any gloomy day!)

You have surely heard about Angry Bird and Tweety Bird. How about Happy Bird? 

Read and be inspired. Simple truths that you can apply everyday, everywhere and in whatever circumstance you are in. This book will make you smile, laugh, pause, think, ponder and challenge you to consider and apply these truths to make your gloomy day happy!

Dare to Care 

(A short novel about 

the power of friendship)

Nikki Mitchell just moved with her parents to a whole new town. While trying to adjust, she meets a girl named Ella who is also about her age and develops a special bond of friendship. They begin to grow closer each day and become almost inseparable. But when things start to get tough on Nikki, she finds it hard to make time for her friend. She tries her best, but all the responsibilities and pressures around her just seem to swallow her up. Suddenly, she is faced with a situation that jolts her attention back to Ella. Would she be able to help before it’s too late? How far would a friend go to show that he or she really cares?


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