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Quotes A must-read books! (Live a Happy Life Series) You'll be inspired and enriched while laughing :) Grab your copies now! Congrats Rommel Santiago Atanque for these wonderful books :) Quotes
Sheng Andrada Azucena
Roxas City, Philippines

Quotes Truly enriching and funny books:-) Quotes
Zander Frofunga
Regional Project Officer Fit For School Region VI

Quotes Happiness in life is not a matter of chance. It is about a matter of choice. When something happens in our life we have a choice to be glad or to be sad. Life is gift from God and how we live it is our gift back to Him...Indeed this is a book worth reading and may you have a life changing encounter after reading this book. (from the Foreword of How To Be Always Happy in Following Jesus Book). Quotes
Chinkee Tan
TV & Movie Personality, Bestselling Author, Till Debt Do Us Part

Quotes I really thank God for this unique book by a very good friend and colleague. Knowing how Rommel lives out his concept and message in Laugh, Learn and Live a Happy Life...We are not only reading this to amuse or entertain ourselves with a few giggles. My hope and prayer is for this little masterpiece and its sequels to help catalyze a renaissance of mirth and jubilee that come from no less than God Himself toward His beloved Pearls of the Orient scattered throughout this archipelago and beyond - a celebration of gratitude for the sublime knowledge of His wonderful plan for our lives! (from the Foreword of Laugh, Learn and Live a Happy Life Book). Quotes
Rev. Jose A. Estrebilla
Author, Rise Up! Pearls of the Orient Series

Quotes I believe that perspective is everything! This is what this book is all about. Lifting one's perspective to the highest level, where the reader is equipped with the capacity to utilize that one power innate in each of us...the power of choice! This book will convince its readers that it is possible to overcome worry, to be healthy and happy even in the midst of life's pressing circumstances. (from the Foreword of Why Worry Be Happy Don't Worry Be Healthy Book). Quotes
Rev. Ailyn Paranpan
Senior Pastor, Tubod Assembly of God, Iligan City Philippines

Quotes Reading your books Live a Happy Life Series refreshed me from my tiredness. It's a big help and blessing to us. Quotes
Rev. Ruth Terrobias
Dean/Professor, ACMTS College of Theology, Bicol Extension

Quotes I've been looking for humorous stories and illustrations written in Filipino context but found only a few. I'm glad Rommel added this series. I recommend this to all God-loving Christians who believe that following Jesus is exciting and fun! Quotes
Rev. Gil Ismael
Senior Pastor, Full Life Community Church, Jordan Guimaras

Quotes This book (Life Is Tough You Need A Laugh) contains simple reminders of how a Christian should live: living a life of joy instead of a boring one. It caused my heart to leap for joy because of a realization that life is so simple and we don't have to wait for tomorrow to laugh! Quotes
Rose Aroyal
Transformation Office, TSKI Inc., Philippines