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Sample Chapter (An excerpt from the book) 

Three young men were captured by a tribe of people living in a secluded rain-forest. The chieftain declared that they will be punished but will be given a chance to have freedom if they will abide with his conditions. He commanded them, “Each of you must look for any kind of fruit in the forest and bring it to me. You will be guarded by my swordsmen, so don’t attempt an escape. Bring me ten fruits of the same kind and I’ll tell you how to attain your freedom.Just remember that your choice of fruit is related to your punishment.

So with haste the three went out in different directions and searched for their fruits. After a while, the first young man went back and had on his hands ten ripe bananas, thinking the chief would like it. The brutal chief then gave the second condition for their freedom, “My men will put these fruits one by one into your body through your butt. You have to endure it and you must not laugh. If you laugh, you’ll be my slave for life!” So the young man was punished and because of the awkward feeling he had while the bananas were inserted in, he laughed and was sentenced to life enslavement.

The next youth arrived oblivious of what had just happened; he had a bunch of grapes on his hands. The ruler repeated his second condition with emphasis: “…don’t laugh and you’ll be free!” He felt lucky and thought that the chief was crazy to give him such an easy task. He immediately bowed down, but when one of the chief’s men attempted to insert a grape in, he started to laugh so hard throwing himself on the ground because he saw…that the last young man was coming, carrying ten pineapples on his shoulders. And the three young men lived laughingly-ever-after in the house of the chieftain!

Sample Chapter (An excerpt from the book)

Being Religious


In the uncertainties of this journey that we call life, we don’t know what tomorrow may bring.  This uncanny and precarious position usually exposes the true picture of the inner man: the inner strength and beauty, or the apparent lack thereof.  And the veneer of religion has deceived many a man regarding the true state of his heart.  May God grant us the clarity to see once and for all the true anchor for our heart and soul.


Church Custom

A priest aboard a plane with a failing engine said, “Disaster may come to us at any moment. So, let us all pray.”

The passengers began to pray except a young man in a corner. “Can’t you pray, son?” asked the reverend father.

“No. I don’t know how,” replied the young man.

“Well, at least try to do something religious,” advised the priest.

So the young man stood up and went around with his hat, to collect donations from his fellow passengers.

Sample Chapter (An excerpt from the book)

The Storm That Took Away Everything Except What Really Matters

Saturday, June 21, 2008, was an unforgettable day in my life and the lives of all the Ilonggos living in Pan-ay Island, especially in the city of Iloilo. I woke up with the news that a signal no. 3 typhoon is on its way to hit our place. Outside, heavy rains and strong winds started to fell, the reason why I cancelled all appointments and opted to stay at home with my family. Together with my wife, my father, mother and sister, we spend the day chatting, eating, joking, reminiscing “good old days,” while doing some household chores and taking care of our two children. It was just like any ordinary day except for the storm outside, which we thought was something that would pass by after a couple of hours or for just a day. Around 1:30 pm, my father went outside to buy something from a nearby “sari-sari” store but went back urgently telling us that people within the neighborhood were starting to evacuate. To my curiosity I rushed from the house to see what was happening. I was surprised when I saw people carrying their belongings in haste; some were getting ready with their vehicles.  A  few  meters  away  from the  house was  the overflowing creek. Without delay, I ran back, shouted at everyone to pick up the children, board the car and evacuate. Barely five minutes before the flash flood came, we’re on the road with only a few pieces of diapers and two cans of milk for my 2-year old boy and 8-month baby girl.

The following day we checked on the house and saw the level of water rose up as high as 7 feet. We were shocked to see the house and everything in it overturned and buried in ankle-deep mud. What ached my heart the most was the loss of all the books and important documents. We can’t figure out how to start cleaning up and repairing the damages that the flood brought to us. But in spite of all that happened, one important thing surface in my heart: I realized that what is important in life is how we look at our circumstances and how we respond to them. I then started to look at things beyond the catastrophe and begin to thank God for it. I changed my focus from my situation to the One who is in control of all situations. 

The flood took all our “things” but thank God my whole family is safe and we still have eternal things in heaven He in store for us. I lost all the books from where I learned a lot of life’s principles but thank God I had in my heart this one important and life-changing principle that says, “All things work together for good to those who loved God and are called according to His purpose.” The flood took away our clothes but thank God, His love, peace and joy, in spite of what happened clothed us everyday. The devastation destroyed hundreds, even thousands of houses and lives but with faith in God and in His Son Jesus Christ, we have this promise that we have a home in heaven which no one can destroy! In a nutshell, regardless of our circumstance, we can still make a choice to enjoy life, be happy everyday, and be grateful always. I pray that as you keep on reading this simple book on how to be always happy in following Jesus, you will find it helpful in your journey to a more fulfilling and satisfying life. God bless and read on.

Sample Chapter (An excerpt from the book)

Worry of Getting Sick


The headline of the news I once surfed on the internet says, “Study: Worry increases men’s heart attack odds.” Below are some excerpts from the said health news:

  • Chronic anxiety can increase heart attack risk, at least in men.

  • Worry raises blood pressure, heart rate, produces more stress hormones.

  • Those men deemed chronically anxious were 30 percent to 40 percent more likely to have a heart attack than their more easygoing counterparts.

The scripture in Ecclesiastes 11:10, “So refuse to worry, and keep your body healthy…” is very apt for our times filled with people who worry a lot, especially when it comes to the issue of  health and well being.  Another study shows that more than 90% of patients having various illnesses in hospitals were not physically sick but rather people who “think” they are sick.  Worry is a disease of the mind that we need to overcome.  Furthermore, most of the things we worry do not happen.  As my friend and  author Chinkee Tan  wrote  in his book  Till Debt Do Us Part, “Worry is fear’s extravagance. It extracts interest on trouble before it comes due. It constantly drains the energy God gives us to face daily problems and to fulfill our many responsibilities.

It is therefore a waste of time and energy. A woman who had lived long enough to have learned some important truths about life remarked, ‘I’ve had a lot of trouble – most of which never really happened!’ She worried about many things that never occurred and came to see the total futility of her anxieties.”

Sample Chapter (An excerpt from the book)

The Kick that Started the Ball Rolling

Everything seemed to be a mixed-up blur. The room echoed with cheers and applause, but it was as if I was observing it from an entirely different world. Tears were freely flowing down my cheeks, and the tightness building up in my chest was already reaching a point of near-explosion.

“With more than 7,000 islands, also known as the Pearl of the Orient Seas, ladies and gentlemen, let us welcome… The Philippines!”

More cheers. Shouting and clapping again rolling toward another round of crescendo. And that was the last of it that I could hold. As the tightness in my chest elbowed itself out, I heard myself crying in anguish, “Oh God! What have we done to our country? Have mercy on us, Oh Lord!” For the rest of that convention, there was not much that I could do to keep my tears from flowing every time my eyes fell on the red, white and blue flag of my beloved country.

A pretty similar kind of feeling also comes upon me every time I hear our national anthem being sung. Perhaps it is partly due to the common nostalgia felt by those of us who have experienced long term separation from our native land. But deep down within me, I know that there is more to it than mere home-sickness. Even after arriving and having settled back home, time and again, I would experience this same kind of anguish – a strange mixture of pain, grief, and indignation, interwoven with a deep sense of hope and a stubborn faith that God never, never ever planned it to be this way for the Philippines!

I also sense this kind of feeling often times as I observe the rapidly mushrooming masses of our poverty-bound fellow Filipinos packing our city slums, as well as the growing number of barung-barong (shanties) in our rural villages. As the country’s natural resources get rapidly used up, the availability of decent and affordable building materials becomes scarce, making it increasingly more difficult for families living below the poverty line to provide themselves with proper and secure shelter. While it is true that more families and individuals are now capable of enjoying the benefits of science and technology than they used to before, still such things serve as very poor index of the true economic situation of our people. The quality of our public infrastructures both in the city and countryside is obviously becoming more and more substandard due to rampant graft and corruption. Many of such cases remain unsolved despite the constant battering from media. It is now common information to most Filipinos that our socio-political and economic situation has gone to a point wherein a viable and long term solution to our dilemmas is still at best a far-fetched dream.

Sample Chapter (An excerpt from the book)

On Love and Courtship

I used to believe that courtship and expressing one’s love are synonymous to each other. But I recently realized that courtship in the natural human standpoint tragically falls short of the genuine expressions of true love.

One striking difference between the two is that the former is done with an expectation that the ‘love’ a person is extending should be accordingly reciprocated by the other within a course of time. The latter, on the other hand, is freely given without expecting anything in return. It defies all restrictions; for ‘there is no law against love’. Not that it fails to submit, but that there is just no force in this universe that is sufficient enough to curtail it.

I have also found out that perfect love is never governed by time. Words such as ‘someday’, ‘later on’, ‘some other time’ and the like, are never found in its vocabulary. No. For some days never come. Perfect love is eternal, timeless and never bound by time. The only time it honors is ‘NOW’. While courtship may be necessary to formally declare love, love need not and must not wait for the time of courtship before it expresses itself out. Like a river challenged by a dam, it persistently pushes itself against it, so as to resume its flow. Frightening falls are considered its friends as they help it reach its final destination – the Sea of Love.

Consider the example that God Himself has given. He did not wait until Calvary before He expressed His loving-kindness to man. Paul, in his message to the men of Lystra said, ‘In the past… [God] has shown kindness by giving you rain from heaven and crops in their seasons; He provides you with plenty of food and fills your heart with joy.’ Yes, Calvary came – ‘in the fullness of time’ – the proposal that demanded a decision. But prior to that, God has been faithfully and persistently expressing His love towards us, all the while maintaining that ‘His kindness leads us towards repentance’.

Freely expressing love now without even the slightest assurance of being reciprocated shatters the natural human understanding. But who cares? It may not be a logical thing to do, but since when has love been dependent on logic?

So, I shall go on expressing my love, cherishing every moment that we are together, counting it as an opportunity of a lifetime and thanking God for such a wonderful privilege. Until the ‘fullness of time’ will come, when I shall be free to court and eventually AGAPAO forever the BEST WOMAN that God has ever made.

Of course, we understand that Juan is – every single bit – still a human being. And there are moments when he would feel insecure or somewhat disadvantaged. This is largely due to the competing parties’ relative freedom to court Juanita as contrasted with his limited situation due to the school’s policy. But one coping skill that he learns is expressing his feelings in written form. The following poem came out from such an uncomfortable state…

Sample Chapter (An excerpt from the book)


In a democratic society and generation we are in, a tremendous power-potential has been granted us by Providence that many if not most are yet to fully realize and maximize. I am talking about the power of our sacred vote.

Much has already been said through various avenues about the disgusting prostitution and manipulations of the people’s votes during elections by shameless and heartless individuals whose greed for power and control has dulled their conscience to a level akin to the basest of all beasts. But perhaps, the more tragic part of the story is when the overwhelming majority entrusted with this power-potential – our voting population – end up wasting it by falling prey to Deception’s subtle maneuverings, some of it this author hopes to accordingly expose in the paragraphs that follow. I feel the need, however, to stress it at the outset that we can no longer go any further carrying the equally fatal excuse of being a victim, always fixing the blame on those evil few who have been taking advantage of us as a people, advancing their selfish interests at the expense of our very own sweat and blood. No. This is not solely their fault. We are not at all hopeless and powerless – mere beggars of the crumbs of mercy before these merciless brutes; as if destined only to take – hook, line and sinkerwhatever Deception throws our way. We are the ones who were actually entrusted by God with His divine gavel to execute His judgment and will against the political crooks of our land. And we can duly recover that strategic and dignified position as we humbly review the areas where the enemy has always gotten hold of us, rendering our votes futile, or worse – even using them to his own evil advantage.

Sample Chapter (An excerpt from the book)

A Call and a Challenge

I fondly call her Manang Mary. Like me, she is also a nurse by profession, and yet at the same time, holding responsibilities of shepherding and caring for the flock that God has put under her care. She works full time as a Clinical Instructor in one of the major colleges of nursing in Iloilo City. I hold her in high regard, giving her the title as one of God’s Amazonas in His kingdom. She is always passionate at what she does or says. Vary rarely would one ever hear her crack a joke. The weight of what she says is always evident in the way she would articulate and emphasize them. And when I heard her sharing these words before a group of about three to four dozen ministers and parents, I could sense in my heart her intense desire, not only to inform us about it, but more importantly, to stir up vigilant intercession and responsible action toward it.

“I’ve noticed a very alarming trend happening in the Delivery Rooms of our hospitals nowadays. We are having more and more cases of mothers delivering their first babies in the hospital at the age of 13 to 15...”

Another nurse-friend working in one of our major hospitals in Iloilo City got so eager to confirm this observation that she showed me the logbook for the Obstetric Ward. Their record showed an average of 30-40 deliveries per month by mothers below the age of 20, with the youngest mom delivering her first baby at the age of 12… Gilbert, a fellow participant in a Training of Trainers course facilitated by the Commission on Population (Learning Package on Parent Education on Adolescent Health and Development) whispered to me in the middle of a very emotionally charged moment in our training, “You know what? I have an OB-Gyne friend who once told me this shocking line: ‘Never before in my practice have I handled so many deliveries by mothers who are so young that we actually have to skip the routine perineal shaving prior to delivery.’”

Now, if this “alarming trend” is observable in the D.R. of our existing medical institutions, could it be possible that such trend can also be true of the many other deliveries assisted by midwives or traditional hilots at home? And if this trend can indeed be true in a general sense, how can Juan dela Cruz of the only Christian nation in Asia give account before his God for such a massive seduction and sexual exploitation of her daughters – RIGHT UNDER HIS NOSE?

An excerpt from the book


What made me write this eBook with a compilation of these original tweets? Just an idea. Being new to Twitter, I observed how these inspiring tweets automatically reflect in my Facebook account as I posted them and were liked by people. This inspired me to make this eBook. I noticed that information overload in our days is causing a short attention span for most of us. We can see that when people surf the internet. Most can't stay that much to read articles, write ups, blogs, etc. People keep on clicking, surfing, watching and posting but how long could they read and ponder? So tweets are attractive for they are very short and can be easily read, reposted or retweeted.

One more thing, you have surely heard about Angry Bird and Tweety Bird. How about Happy Bird? It's me and I love to tweet happy and inspiring thoughts and words. Words have power. Be careful how you use yours. Life is too short to stay angry, grumpy, sour, negative, hurt, not enjoying your day. My motto in life has become the message of this simple eBook and all the books that I have written. Life is wonderful - a gift from God. Share it to inspire others. So here I am my friend, offering this eBook to you. Read it slowly, digest it, ponder upon the truth in each tweet. If you like it, share it to others, text them, post it, retweet it. Enjoy and God bless you.

An excerpt from the book

Chapter 1

It was Saturday morning. The birds were chirping happily when Nikki opened her window.

“I guess this is it,”she said with a sigh. They were moving to Ridge Lake that morning, because her dad found a job there. She was quite excited about the move, but also sad at the same time.

She went downstairs and found her mom cooking breakfast in the kitchen.

“ Good morning Mom,” Nikki said, rubbing her eyes. “What’s for breakfast?”

“Oh! Hi, honey. I cooked eggs, bacon, and french toast,” her mom replied.

“Hmmm… that smells good! I’m starving!”

“Nikki dear, I think you’d better prepare yourself after breakfast. We’re leaving in about an hour. The truck will arrive here anytime,” Nikki’s mom reminded her.

“Oh,” a wave of sadness seemed to wash over her. “Okay Mom.”

In about an hour, they were all set. “Time to say goodbye to the old place,” Dad said. Then they all said their last goodbyes.

“I’m gonna miss home,” said Nikki while they were driving away.

Her mom hugged her. “Oh, honey,”she said. “We all will.”

“After all,” her dad assured her. “Home is where the family is, right?”

“I know,” said Nikki.

The cool morning breeze blew against Nikki’s face through the car window. She wondered what her new home, school, and neighborhood might be, what changes could occur, adventures she would face, and opportunities she might seize.

After a few hours of traveling, she saw a sign saying “WELCOME TO RIDGE LAKE.” Then the car finally pulled into the driveway.